Garage Repair

Bullock can even update or repair your existing garage!


FACTS ABOUT OUR STANDARD GARAGE: •Premium Studs 16" O.C. •Triple Studded Corners •2x6 Rafters 24" O.C. Machine Stress Rated at 2100 Lbs. (Trusses required over 24' wide) •2x6 Ceiling Joists 48" O.C. •2x12 Headers Above all Eave Side Overhead Doors •7/16 O.S.B. Sheathing on Walls and Roof •7/16" Expansion Clips Between Roof Sheathing •Owens Corning Supreme 25,or 30 Year Seal Down Shingles •Maintenance Free 8" Overhangs •Vented Soffits •Maintenance Free Trim •Crane Exterior Portfolio Vinyl Siding with Lifetime Warranty •Single Hung Insulated Vinyl Windows with Screen & Lock •Steel Insulated Service Door with Weather seal and Threshold •Your Choice of Steel or Steel Insulated Overhead Door •4" Wire Reinforced Concrete Floor with 5 1/2" curb