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Terry Bullock has more than 55 years of expertise in the garage business. It all began in 1960 when Terry's uncle, Curt Bullock (CEO and Founder of Bullock Garages) hired Terry to unload box cars of lumber. Terry started building garages in 1964 with his brother Larry and the two built over 2000 garages before they went into the sales portion of the business in 1971. Working with his father Maurice Bullock in Decatur, IL and Uncle Curt, Terry excelled in sales and was in the top percent of sales year after year. In l984 Terry and  Larry bought dealerships in the Springfield and Decatur, IL area.


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Say hello to Bullock Garages. Every one of our garages comes with a fresh design and a broad range of customizable options such as size, style of roof, type of siding and color, as well as many other options. We make it very easy to create your own custom style. Additionally here at Bullock we carry a broad range of garage accessories such as garages door openers, windows, service doors, and ventilation systems.